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Cuil is a privately-held search engine that debuted on July 28, 2008. It was founded by former Google employees, and is backed by $33 million in venture capital.


Company Description

Cuil, pronounced "cool," claims to index over 121 billion webpages which co-founder Anna Patterson claims makes their index three times as large as Google's. They claim this is a result of a more efficient algorithm that concenrates more on onpage elements and less on link analysis.

On its debut day, many searchers received an error message stating: "No results because of high load."


Cuil was co-founded by the following people:

  • Anna Patterson - Built and sold the search engine Recall to the Internet Archive before going to work for Google in 2004
  • Russell Power - Former Chief Technology Officer for AltaVista
  • Tom Costello - Built the search engine Xift and later worked at IBM on an analytic engine named WebFountain
  • Louis Monier - former Google engineer

Cuil vs. Google

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