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BASF (EXCHANGE: BAS.DE) ADRs are not available.

Company Description

BASF is the world's largest chemical company. It is a German company. The full name is Badische Anilin Soda Farbrik, AG. The US website is: [1]

Operating divisions include chemicals (inorganics, petrochemicals, and intermediate products), plastics (engineering plastics, foams, and polyurethanes), performance products (acrylics, paper chemicals, personal care products, and pharmaceutical ingredients), functional solutions (catalysts, industrial coatings, and construction chemicals), and agricultural chemicals (herbicides, insecticides).

According to C&EN, in 2008, BASF sales were $91.8B, dwarfing no. 2, Dow Chemical ($57.5B), 3 Bayer ($48.5B), 4 Dupont ($30.5B), and 5 Akzo Nobel ($22.7B).

BASF is perhaps best known as a component (along with Hoechst and Bayer) of IG Farben, the German Dye Trust, which dominated the global chemicals business in the 1920s. They manufactured munitions for the Nazis, and were criticized for operating plants with slave laborers during World War II.

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