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Wholesale Applications Community

The Wholesale Applications Community is a group of technology companies working to provide a simpler, collaborative way for applications developers to get their products to market for use on a wide range of devices.

Expanded Definition

This isn't the easiest sentence, but here is what the Wholesale Applications Community has to say about itself on its website: "The primary role and objective of the alliance is to create a ’wholesale applications community’ that will establish a simple route to market for developers, in turn, providing access to the latest and widest range of innovative applications and services to as many customers as possible worldwide. This alliance will deliver scale unparalleled by any application distribution ecosystem in existence today."

The alliance uses existing technical standards, insteasd of creating new ones, so developers have to create only one version of their application, and this can be used on multiple types of devices and operating systems.

The Community has roughly 25 members as of February 2010.

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