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WACKER CHEMIE AG (OTC: [1]WKCMF) - Wacker is a chemical company best known for the manufacture of silicone products including the polysilicon used in integrated circuits and photovoltaic cells. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Website: http://www.wacker.com/cms/en/home/index.jsp

(Although high purity silicon is not a silicone, both are processed from the same family of intermediates.)

Expanded Definition

"[W]e use custom chemical processes to provide the basis for our products – such as hyperpure silicon, pyrogenic silica, silanes, silicones, dispersions, dispersible polymer powders, polymer resins and basic materials for fine-chemical and biotech products. "

"In April 2011, WACKER started construction work for the company’s integrated polysilicon production site, which will have an annual capacity of 18,000 metric tons. The new facility, to be based in Bradley County, Tennessee, is scheduled for start of production in mid-2015. WACKER POLYSILICON represents WACKER’s continuation to invest in the growing photovoltaic and solar energy industries."

In 2015, Wacker created Siltronic as its silicon wafer subsidiary and sold 42.2% of its shares to the public. Siltronic is the world's third largest producer of hyperpure silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry.

Dow Corning, the jv of Dow Chemical and Corning Glassworks, and their subsidiary Hemlock, is a major competitor.

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