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Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Canada and among the world's 10 largest exchanges.

Expanded Definition

Toronto, the largest city in Canada, bills itself as the finance capital of that country. TSX is the shorthand way to refer to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Until 2000 or so, it was abbreviated as TSE. The Toronto Stock Exchange is now part of TMX Group. Alphabet soup is a staple of finance and investing.

TMX Group is a for-profit corporation that, itself, trades on the exchange. TMX Group uses the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, and the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX) to give international traders access to Canada's equity, capital, and energy markets.

The Toronto Stock Exchange organized as a for-profit corporation and issued stock in itself in 2000. The formation of the exchange is traced back to the mid-19th century and a group of Toronto businessmen. The TSE merged with the Toronto Stock and Mining Exchange (its main competitor) in the 1930s and continued to grow.

It is credited with being the first exchange to develop a computerized system to trade some of its stocks, and closed its trading floor in 1997 in favor of totally computerized trading.

The Toronto Stock Exchange has some 1,500 issuers.

Many Canadian stocks trade on U.S. exchanges, so it isn't necessary to go north to invest in what thatcountry has to offer. It may be more appealing as an international place for your money given its political stability and Western ideas about regulations, however, it also is a developed economy and doesn't present the growth opportunities that countries like China and India do.

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