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SYNGENTA AG (NYSE: SYT) Syngenta is an agribusiness company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

Website: http://www.syngenta.com

Company Description

Syngenta makes herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for a variety of commercial crops including fruits and vegetable crops as well as turf and lawn chemicals. The company also supplies seeds--both hybrid and gene modified--for a variety of crops.

Syngenta was formed in 2000 as the agriculture business of Astra-Zeneca and Novartis. Those companies included agriculture divisions acquired from several well known companies including Sandoz/Velsicol, Stauffer, Merck, ICI, and Ciba-Geigy.

For those who supply seeds in the ag sector, corn is king. Wall Street Journal on Feb 26, 2014, gave 2013 market share as Dupont, 35%; Monsanto, 35; AgReliant, 6; Syngenta, 6; Dow, 4; others 14%.

For 2004, Dupont, 33%; Monsanto, 14; Garst, 6; Syngenta, 5; Golden Harvest, 4; Dow, 4; AgReliant, 3; + others.

In 2014, Syngenta, signed a deal with Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies, LLC — a subsidiary of Quad County Corn Processors, under which Syngenta will use Quad's Adding Cellulosic Ethanol (ACE) technology in new ethanol plants. This is apparently part of Syngenta's Enogen gene modified corn seed technology which is supposed to make cellulose easier to convert to ethanol. The article also mentions recovery of corn oil.

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