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Stocks 360

Stocks 360 is The Motley Fool's portfolio rating and analysis tool. You can try it out for free at www.Stocks360.com.

The Experience

Your Stocks 360 experience begins with entering the stocks you have in your portfolio along with the number of shares you own of each stock. Stocks 360 then delivers:

Community Ratings

We rate each of your stocks from 1-5 Stars and give you an overall rating. We then create a set of similar, higher-rated stocks that our Motley Fool CAPS community thinks will beat your stocks over the next year.

Fool Report Card

Digging a little deeper, we grade your stocks against multiple market benchmarks, and give you access to Best Buy recommendations from our Motley Fool Premium Services to help fix your benchmark deficiencies.

Stocks 360 Dashboard

With our Stocks 360 Dashboard you can isolate what's driving your best and worst performing stocks. Dig deeper into the actual engine driving your returns, or isolate the brakes that are holding you back.

Stocks 360 Development Plan

The Motley Fool plans to fully integrate Stocks 360 with the My Scorecard tool for Premium Services within the coming year.