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Stock report

A stock report is a collection of information usually prepared by an analyst or his firm which reviews the quality of an equity issue and its suitabity for various investment goals.

Expanded Definition

The best known stock reports are those published by Value Line and Standard and Poor's. They are often one to four pages in length and include a chart of recent price history, a summary of the company and its prospects, recent business developments, dividend and earnings history, a summary of outstanding debt, and often a tabular summary of the balance sheet, along with buy/sell recommendations. Some stock reports also include information on the industry in which the company participates and on competitors and their strengths.

Numerous small firms, often owned and operated by an expert stock analyst, publish reports and offer them to the public. After brokerage houses were accused of a conflict of interest in allowing stock recommendations to be influenced by their investment banking activies, many brokers began to offer privately prepared stock reports to their clients rather than reports prepared in-house by their own staff. That has made many more stock reports available. They are now offered in a variety of styles and in various degrees of detail.

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