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Stepan Company

Stepan Company (NYSE:SCL) Produce specialty and intermediate chemicals, which are sold to other manufacturers and then made into a variety of end products. has three reportable segments: surfactants, polymers and specialty products. Headquartered in Northfield, IL.

Website: http://www.stepan.com/default.aspx

Company Description

Stepan is best known for its anionic surfactants made by sulfonation. Most major users make their own, but Stepan is a leading supplier to the merchant market.

Stepan also makes phthalic anhydride and a series of polyols as derivatives. Polyols are reactive intermediates used in an array of downstream products especially urethanes made by reaction with isocyanates. Phthalic anhydride is a major ingredient of alkyd resins used in paints. The product line includes resins for powder coating.

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