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Sony (NYSE: SNE) is a Japanese producer of consumer electronics.

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Movies and DVD

Video Games

Sony won the home video game console war of the 1990's and early 2000's with the Sony PlayStation 2 using a strategy of building a console video game system that allowed users to upgrade without losing the ability to play their previously purchased PlayStation (original) titles, along with having a very large software choice.

As the next generation of consoles emerged in the late 2000's, Sony created the Playstation 3, which entered the market with a higher sticker price than it's most similar competitor, the Xbox 360 by Microsoft. Both products worked with next generation High Definition television screens, the PS3 providing 1080p resolution and coming with a built in BluRay movie player. This is one of the reasons often touted for the success of BluRay over the competing HD format, HD-DVD owned by rival Toshiba.

While successful in winning the HD movie format war and securing the future payments on their BluRay patents, the higher sticker, complexity, and costs of the PS3 allowed the Xbox 360 to come first to market and to sell the most consoles as of 2008.

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