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SOLVAY SA (OTC: SVYZY) Solvay is a major global chemical company headquartered in Belgium.

Webpage: http://www.solvay.com/EN/Homepage.aspx

Company Description

Solvay is best known for the Solvay Process which produced soda ash and sodium bicarbonate from salt, now made obsolete by mined soda ash. Today the company manufactures chemicals and plastics.

In 2011, Solvay announced plans to acquire Rhodia.

Divisions include:

Consumer Products: Nova Care (surfactants, guar, and phosphorus derivatives), Aroma Chemicals (vanilla and phenolics used as antioxidants, fluorinated intermediates), Coatis (phenols and oxygenated solvents)

Advanced Materials: Specialty polymers, Silica, Rare Earths

Performance Chemicals: Essential chemicals (soda ash, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide); Ecoservices (reprocessing sulfuric acid); Acetow (cellulose triacetate); and Ecochemicals (biochemical epichlorohydrin and vinyl chloride monomer). The company calls itself the world's largest producer of hydrogen peroxide. In 2015, it announced a 20% expansion of its plant in Longview, WA to meet growing demand from pulp and paper producers.

Functional Polymers: Nylon 66 and PVC and intermediates for polyurethanes.

In 2014, Solvay announced plans to sell its sulfuric acid reprocessing business. The buyer is CCMP Capital Advisors of New York City who earlier had invested in PQ Corp and Kraton.

In 2014 Solvay and Ineos combined their chlor-alkali and vinyl business in a jv called Inovyn.

In 2015, Solvay announced plans to acquire Cytec, a leading producer of graphite composites.

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