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Webpage: http://www.solutia.com/en/Default.aspx

Company Description

Solutia is an industrial chemicals company best known for its plastic films applied to glass as in safety glass interlayers or decorative film for window tinting.

In January 2012, Eastman Chemical announced plans to acquire Solutia.

Related Companies

Solutia was formed when the old Monsanto, maker of Celebrex and Nutrasweet merged with Pharmacia to maximize its pharmaceutical portfolio. Later Pharmacia merged with Pfizer. In the process Monsanto's non-pharmaceutical businesses were spunoff or sold. The agricultural business including Round-up herbicide and genetically modified seeds was spun off creating the new Monsanto. Solutia got most of the remaining industrial chemical lines.

Environmental contamination at Monsanto's Anniston, AL site where they had manufactured PCBs pulled Solutia into a bankruptcy filing, which was resolved in 2008.

Book: “Faith, Hope & $5000: The Story of Monsanto: Trials and Triumphs of the first 75 years,” by Dan J. Forrestal, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1977. See the review on Motley Fool's Books--Non-fiction discussion board: [1]

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