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SASOL (NYSE: SSL) Sasol is best known as a South African company that produces synthetic fuels from coal by the German Fischer Tropsch process. The company has expanded to produce numerous other petrochemicals and now includes operations in the US. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Website: http://www.sasol.com

Company Description

The company was founded in 1950. The first production of coal to liquids began in 1955. Profitability was achieved in 1960. The company then entered the pipeline gas business. Additional coal to liquid plants were constructed. Ammonia production began in 1980, followed by ammonium nitrate. Ethanol production began in 1990. In 2003, a gas to liquids plant was constructed in Quatar. Ethylene and derivatives were added including alpha olefins, surfactants and synthetic jet fuels. Natural gas interests were acquired in British Columbia. Feasibility studies are underway to construct gas to liquids plants in Canada and in Lake Charles and Westlake, LA in the US. Products are raw materials for detergents, personal care products, solvents, waxes and specialty products. A pilot plant for gas to liquid processes is located in Tulsa, OK.

A 1.5MM mt/yr ethylene cracker is under construction at Westlake, LA. Completion is expected in 2018. A gas to liquids plant is planned at Westlake.

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