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Potash Corp/Saskatchewan (NYSE: POT) is an integrated producer of fertilizer and related industrial and feed products. Potash is headquartered in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, and has been publically traded since 1989.

Company Description

Potash is the world's largest fertilizer enterprise, producing the three primary plant nutrients: potash, nitrogen and phosphate. Potash products deliver the highest-quality earnings. POT has large low-cost potash operations, plans to expand capacity, and make strategic global investments. Potash operations are complemented with focused nitrogen and phosphate businesses that produce high-margin with stable and sustainable earnings.

Potash is exported around the globe.

A slide show on the website shows the relative size of world fertilizer companies. Potash is largest, followed by Mosaic. Agrium ranks seventh and CF Industries tenth. According to the slide show, world demand for fertilizer is expected to continue growing.

Website: http://www.potashcorp.com/

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