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Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is a legendary hedge fund manager. He primarily trades based off of Macro themes and will hold any asset class. He rose to fame for correctly predicting the 1987 market crash .

Expanded Definition

Jones like many of the currently successful hedge fund operators got his his tar in the Commodities Corporation. In 1980 he went off on his own and formed the Tudor Investment Corporation.

He first gained widespread notoriety for being the subject of the PBS special called TRADER: The Documentary about hedge funds on Wall Street. In the film he is clearly seen predicting the 1987 Black Monday event. Jones' short bets paid off handsomely tripling the size of his money from that event. Jones was later so displeased by having so much of his fund's inner working on display that he later got the documentary taken out of circulation.

Jones will trade virtually any asset class and equities usually only represent a small portion of what Tudor Investment Corp has at any one time.

Notable alum of Tudor Investment Corp include James Pallota of Raptor Capital Management.

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