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Website: http://www.newmarket.com/Pages/default.aspx

Company Description

NewMarket Corporation manufactures lubricant additives and manages real estate. Fuel and lubricant additives are sold through its Afton Chemical subsidiary, http://www.aftonchemical.com/Pages/Home.aspx

Related Companies

Ethyl Corporation had a long history as a manufacturer of tetraethyl lead and related additives in ethyl fluid to improve the octane number of gasoline. The company had been Albemarle Paper Co., and adopted the Ethyl name when ethyl fluid became it best known product.

With the decline of leaded gasoline, NewMarket was formed from the assets retained after other assets were spun off or sold. Edwin Cooper Lubricant additives was a division of Ethyl Corporation which competed with Lubrizol. According to Leslie R. Rudnick's Lubricant Additives, Ethyl also acquired the lubricant additives businesses of Amoco and Texaco.

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