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My Scorecard

My Scorecard is a tool built for Motley Fool premium services that was conceived in order to help Motley Fool members track their own performance and keep track of the latest thinking on their stocks within the services to which they're subscribed. My Scorecard was first launched within Motley Fool Pro in October 2008, and is today offered by several other Motley Fool services.

What does My Scorecard do?

We want to develop a simple tool that shows you how your Fool recommendations are doing. Are we helping you beat the market? Are we providing the timely buy and sell advice that benefits you? We also think that My Scorecard is the best way to keep track of stocks that you care about - both stocks on your watchlist and stocks you own.

What doesn't My Scorecard do?

My Scorecard is not a portfolio tracker. It doesn't include dividend adjustments or splits, so it is up to you to adjust your start prices when things change with your holdings. Also, at this time we are not including options, warrants, shorts or mutual funds. That said, almost all equities can be entered into My Scorecard, as can all ETFs.

Why doesn't My Scorecard recognize my ticker?

First, check and see if you entered your ticker correctly, and that it is an equity and not a mutual fund or an option. If the ticker is correct, check and see if it is on a pink sheet, or is a special share class. We use the Reuters Instrument Code for tickers, much like Yahoo! Finance, so pink sheets are distinguished by "." - like NTDOY.PK - and share classes by "-", so we use BRK-B, not BRK.B.

How are returns calculated?

The overall return of your My Scorecard is calculated using the annualized effective compounded return rate, commonly known as the internal rate of return. This takes into account all of your open and ended positions, as well as their buy and sell dates.

The Active and Sold returns, at the bottom of the table, are calculated using a simple dollar-weighted average of all your active or sold positions.

Note: This does not take into account dividends paid by the stocks/funds, so the rate of return will be off for dividend-focused investors unless you manually adjust it as shown below

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track a cash position in My Scorecard?

Use the ticker BIL. For details, check out this post[1] on our Boards.

How do I export My Scorecard to Excel?

Unfortunately in a very clunky way (but a smoother way is on our list!). A walk-thru can be found here[2].

How do I handle dividends in My Scorecard?

Check out this post[3] on the Boards for a walk-through.

I have a cool idea!

Awesome! You should check out the My Scorecard Feedback Board[4], where we answer questions and look for new features to add. Before you do, check out our list of requests below that we've already collected from your fellow Fools.

Recent Feedback Heard & Noted

To reduce redundant requests, we wanted to provide you a short list of feature requests and tweaks that our team is aware of. Some of these are in process. Some we won't get to until later this year. And some may not fit with the purpose of My Scorecard. But to save members from making redundant requests, please know that we're aware of:

Requests regarding "Portfolio Management"

  • Ability to track options
  • Ability to track shorts
  • Ability to track foreign listed stocks with real time exchange rates including...
    • Enable searching for Hong Kong listed tickers - which are numbers, not letters
  • My Scorecard accounts for currency fluctuations
  • Track against YTD or 1yr Return
  • Ability to assign stocks to portfolios (groups of stocks) and track multiple portfolios separately

Requests regarding Features and Functionality

  • Uploading of data in .CSV or Excel formats
  • Linking/interfacing with Stocks 360
  • Stock Ticker app for iPhone / iTouch
  • Adding (along with editing/selling/deleting) to a stock directly from its row for multiple buys / sells
  • Filtering of scorecard tables by service (eg, how am I doing on my Hidden Gems vs. my Income Investor stocks?)
  • Allowing for multiple portfolios that you're tracking (IRA, grandkids, etc.)
  • Adding EQScan grade for Big Short members with a link to the full scan url.
  • Comparing allocation in My Scorecard with recommended allocation from a particular Motley Fool Premium Service (i.e. what % of my portfolio is in X vs. Million Dollar Portfolio's recommendation)
  • Ability to print only the table section of the My Scorecard page
  • A "Notes" field so you can jot down information on that position (i.e. original investing thesis, consider selling around $X, etc.)

NOTE: If the "Notes" field were sortable like all other columns, it could be used as a simple way to satisfy some of the other requests above, such as filtering by service, by portfolio. Even better: Add several sortable "Notes" fields.

A separate tab for "watch list" stocks