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Motley Fool premium services

Investment advisory services offered by The Motley Fool to subscribers.

Expanded Definition

The Motley Fool began in July 1993 as a traditional investment newsletter. The cost was $48/year for a 12-page newsletter (four pages of investment advice and eight pages of general-interest writing and Foolishness) penned by David Gardner, Tom Gardner, and Erik Rydholm. It lasted twelve issues (one full year) before being shut down with its final issue in June 1994 so that the co-founders could shift their attention to opening up The Motley Fool as a new site on America Online on August 4, 1994.

The next Motley Fool premium service debuted in March 2002 -- Motley Fool Stock Advisor, now the company's longest-running premium service, and fashioned as a welcome-mat service particularly for new Motley Fool members.

The Fool has since spawned numerous other premium services, each with a different focus for investors (e.g. income investing, options investing, value investing, etc.).

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