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Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the oldest of Motley Fool's premium advisory services. It is run by brothers David Gardner and Tom Gardner.

Expanded Definition

Stock Advisor (SA) launched in 2002 with the Gardner brothers making monthly picks in a friendly competition. The success of their picks and the service itself has led to the creation of other advisory services at the Fool that cover strategies as diverse as Motley Fool Inside Value to Motley Fool Champion Funds. As of early September 2008, all seven advisories were beating the S&P 500.

Stock Advisor makes two buy recommendations each month to its subscribers. Subscribers also receive sell recommendations for any recommended stocks that are no longer favored to beat the market. Subscribers also have full access to the complete service scorecard, including full past performance of all picks (true of all Motley Fool advisory services). Stock Advisor does not limit itself to one investment style but does tend to focus on companies with market capitalizations over $1 billion. SA advocates a buy to hold strategy, typically holding stocks 4-5 years.

Since April 2002 SA has annualized returns of +17.69% outperforming the Wilshire 5000's gain of +11.77% per annum. Some of its biggest winners include the first two stocks to become 10-baggers -- Marvel and Activision Blizzard -- along with Quality Systems and Gamestop, all of which have gained over 500% since selected.

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