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Motley Fool Inside Value

Motley Fool Inside Value is the Motley Fool's premium value investing advisory service. It is led by advisor Joe Magyer.

Expanded Definition

Inside Value (IV) launched in 2004. The service makes one or two buy recommendations each month to its members, depending on current opportunities. Members also receive sell recommendations for any recommended stocks, access to the premium version of My Scorecard, weekly update emails on all active recommendations, and full access to the complete service scorecard, including full past performance of all picks (true of all Motley Fool advisory services).

Inside Value's bread-and-butter strategy is recommending out-of-favor businesses with strong competitive advantages, though it has been known to opportunistically dabble with deep value plays. Taking a long-term perspective, the service advocates a buy to hold strategy and recommends selling only if a stock hits the team's estimate of intrinsic value, if the team concludes its investing thesis is busted, or if the stock is likely a value trap.


  • 63.5% of Inside Value's recommendations have outperformed the S&P 500 as of 07/13.
  • The average Inside Value recommendation has returned 28.4% versus 17.6% by the S&P 500 since the service was launched in 08/04 through 07/13.


  • Featured in The Wall Street Journal in August 2013 in Look Who's on Top Now
  • Inside Value was named one of the 10 Top Letters of 2011 by MarketWatch.
  • Ranked the best performing investment newsletter of the 5 years ended June 2013 by Hulbert Financial Digest.

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