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MEADWESTVACO (NYSE: MWV) operates in the packaging and consumer solutions business. It also produces specialty chemicals. It is headquartered in Richmond, Va. and was founded in 1888.

Website: http://www.meadwestvaco.com/index.htm

Company Description

MeadWestvaco is primarily a manufacturer of high quality paper and paper based packages for consumer products. Products include Coated Covers; Dispensers, Sprayers and Pumps; Folding Cartons; Multi-Pack Cartons; Packaging Machinery; Paperboard; and Security Packaging.

The Chemical Division sells by-products of paper mills. Product areas include asphalt emulsifiers for water based asphalt products. Nuchar Activated carbon. Oil field chemicals consisting of additives for drilling and production fluids. Pine chemicals: reliable performance for a variety of industries. We refine crude tall oil (CTO) into two major product lines: tall oil rosins used in inks, paper size, rubber and adhesives; and tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) used in asphalt emulsifiers, soaps, paper size, inks, adhesives, alkyd resins, cleaners, lubricants, dimer acids, surfactants, oil field chemicals and ore flotation reagents.

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