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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a National Basketball Association team, founder of Broadcast.com, chairman of HDnet, one of the world's wealthiest individuals and a well known media personality.

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Cuban first rose to fame for his successful startups Microsolutions and Broadcast.com. Broadcast.com was a quintessential Tech boom company,exponentially growing from startup in the early nineties to a 5.9 billion buyout in 1999 by Yahoo. In the space of less than a decade Cuban went from single digit millionaire to billionaire as a result. He has since provided funding to numerous emerging tech companies and helped found HDnet.

Cuban is better known to the general public however for his antics related to his ownership of his professional basketball team , The Dallas Mavericks. His ownership of the team has brought continual success to the organization as well as frequent criticism for very controversial and combative public comments Cuban has made about officiating and opposing team players.

To investors Cuban might be better known for his blog, where he often discloses his stock investing ideas On his blog Cuban also is frequent critic of practices in the stock market and publicly traded companies in general. In accordance with that he created and funded Sharesleuth.com, a site dedicated to uncovering fraudulent companies for Cuban to short. Sharesleuth has attracted it's share of controversy as well, as some have suggested that the site engages in short and distort stock manipulation. Cuban frequently shortsells the mentioned company of given articles before publication. As a result of this practice The Motley Fool has criticized Cuban's disclosure as inadequate.

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