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Kurt Morris

Kurt joined The Motley Fool in November 1999 and has been a interface and user-experience designer and sometime developer for TMF ever since.

Expanded Definition

Over the years, Kurt has had a hand in the design and development of just about everything from the discussion boards, article pages, CAPS, and My Fool to email updates and internal promotions.

At one point, Kurt grew an impressive mountain man beard, which he wore with pride and dignity. During this time, he was known to carry large animal carcasses into the office and offer to trade them for people's packed lunches.

It was also during this period that Kurt unsuccessfully pitched the idea for a Fool service called "Motley Fool Stock Hunt", in which subscribers were sent a Nintendo-Duck-Hunt-style plastic gun that plugged into their computers and controlled an actual .50 Caliber gun mounted in a wildlife preserve near Kurt's house.

The animals inhabiting the preserve were to be captured (by Kurt) and their ears would be tagged with stock tickers picked by various Fool advisors. Subscribers would then use their toy guns to take shots at the wildlife. Upon downing an innocent forest creature, customers would automatically have $1000 invested for them into the stock written on the animal's tag.

The idea was rejected by the Fool's leadership because we needed our .50 Caliber for the office.

Kurt, always pressing forward, helped to launch CAPS instead.

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You can also find Kurt on Twitter (@TMFSpeck).