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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods (NYSE: KFT) is a manufacturer of snack foods and other packaged foods under many different brand names. It is headquartered in Northfield, Ill. and was founded in 1903.

Company Description

Brands include Cote d'Or and Toblerone (chocalate), Philadelphia (cream cheese and snacks), A1, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Nabisco, Tombstone, and CoolWhip. Many of the brands were owned by General Foods. Some of its brands trace their history all the way back to 1767. Nine brands have annual revenue of more than $1 billion.

Phillip Morris (later named Altria) purchased General Foods in 1985 and Kraft in 1988. The two were merged into Kraft General Foods in 1989. In 2000, Phillip Morris acquired Nabisco and merged it with Kraft. In 2001, shares began trading on the NYSE. Altria spins off Kraft Foods into an independent company in 2007.

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