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Jim Simons

Jim Simons is a legendary hedge fund manager using quantitative methods.

Expanded Definition

Simons is well respected by Wall Street for his scientific approach to trading, unlike many of his peers he elected to hire scientists and mathematicians instead of traders to work at Rentec. Rentec was one of the earliest computer modelers of the market.

Simons is best known for his outstanding returns at his Renaissance Technologies hedge fund, more commonly known as "Rentec". Since Inception in 1982 Rentec has returned 35% per annum in their Medallion fund. Rentec has approximately 25 billion worth of assets under management.

However The price of participating in such success is very high for investors as they charge a 5% management and take 40% of all profits. Currently the Medallion fund is closed to new investors and the majority of it's current investors are current or former employees of Rentec.

Rentec's lesser know funds have performed considerably less well and both failed to achieve positive returns in 2008.

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