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International Chemical Investors Group

International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) is a privately owned industrial holding company focusing on mid-sized chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses. ICIG presently incorporates 23 independent chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses with total sales of approximately EUR 1,200 million. The company has offices in Luxembourg and Frankfurt, Germany.

Website: http://www.ic-investors.com/who-we-are.html

Company Description

ICIG companies presently employ more than 5,000 employees and operate 23 manufacturing plants, eight in Germany, five in Italy, three in the United States, three in France, one in Belgium, one in Poland, one in Switzerland and one in the United Kingdom. The Group has sales or research and development offices in Germany, the United States, Switzerland, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Finland and China.

The businesses were acquired from larger companies including Clariant, Solvay, Rutgers, Mitsubishi, Albemarle, Akzo, Astra Zeneca, Roche, Bristol Myers-Squibb, etc.

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