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Honeywell International is a technology and manufacturing company operating in four segments: Aerospace, Automation and Control Solutions, Specialty Materials, and Transportation Systems.

Expanded Definition

An S and P 500 company, Honeywell has a market cap of $29.5 billion (11/11/09) and traces its roots back to 1885.

Company website: [1]

The company history is well described on the website: [2]

Briefly Honeywell includes Allied Chemical one of the oldest US chemical companies and once famous for its lighted sign on Times Square. Hence, the company is big in electronic controls technology, but its specialty materials operation is grounded in the chemical industry.

One of Honeywell's divisions is UOP in Des Plaines, IL, a well known supplier of chemical and oil refinery process technology. One of their newest is MTO, methanol to olefins technology. It makes possible production of major chemical industry building blocks, ethylene and propylene, from natural gas with methanol as an intermediate. UOP appears to be a pioneer in this new technology which is apparently being adopted in China. It allows ocean shipment of natural gas equivalents as methanol.

In 2015, Honeywell agreed to buy certain solvents and inorganics businesses in Europe from Sigma-Aldrich to meet antitrust requirements for the acquisition of Sigma by Merck KGA. Honeywell sells high purity solvents and reagents under the Burdick & Jackson brand name. They are acquiring product licenses for the Fluka, Hydranal, and Chromasolv products made at Selze, Germany.

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