What is Foolsaurus?

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Advanced Tips

Adding the "Recent Mentions" Section (RSS)

If you need to search for the exact term use this format:


A simpler way might be to:

  1. Perform a search for the article name on Fool.com
  2. Date-sort the results
  3. Copy the RSS feed's URL and paste it into the wiki within this text:

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We expect readers to sometimes not know exactly what the correct term is when they're using the wiki. So if they type in one word, they should end up on the word or phrase they meant. For instance, if they type "stock option," they should end up on the page discussing "options."


You may occasionally find the need to "bounce" or redirect people from one page to another.

For instance, you want to create the page "EPS" and have it send people to "Earnings per share." At the top of the EPS page, type #REDIRECT[[Earnings per share]].

This method may also be used to combine pages by copying the content from PageOne to PageTwo, then automatically "bouncing" anyone who lands on PageOne to PageTwo.

Here's how it works:

  1. Find a page that has the definition you want.
  2. Create a page for a synonymous term.
  3. Type #REDIRECT[[<real page>]] up at the top.

Now, suppose, that you want to cancel that redirect and actually put in something like "EPS is an abbreviation for [[earnings per share]]." and get the two pages linked that way. But every time you try to edit the EPS page, you get redirected to the Earnings per share page. How do you break in?


Type the URL of the page you want to bust into and add "?redirect=no" at the end.

For instance, "http://wiki.fool.com/wiki/EPS?redirect=no" will take you to the actual EPS page. You can then click the Edit button and remove the redirect command. (Note: If the page you want has spaces in the name, use the underscore character between words.)


You can also click the Move button over on the left. This will ask you for the new title of the page you are editing and create a redirect page for the one you are leaving. However, this will only work if the new page title is not already in use.