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KEMIRA OYJ (OTC: KMRAF) Kemira is a chemical company specializing in water treatment technologies. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Website: http://www.kemira.com/en/Pages/default.aspx

Company Description

Kemira was founded as Finland's national chemical company in 1920. It evolved over the years becoming a public company in 1994.

Kemira has organized its business into three customer based segments: Paper, Oil & Mining, and Municipal & Industrial.

Products for water treatment include boiler water treatments, antiscalants, disinfectants, desalination, defoaming, coagulatants and flocculating agents--both inorganic and polymeric.

Pulp and paper products include bleaching agents (chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide), colorants (dyes for paper, tissue, and printing), as well as water treatments.

Mining products include dispersants, scale inhibitors, defoamers, coagulatants, and flocculants.

Sugar and bioethanol: organic and inorganic processing aids for raw and refined sugar or to fermentation (bioethanol).

Biogas: Kemira offers application know-how for each process step within biogas production.

Detergents and cleaners: Sodium percarbonate, a solid bleaching agent replacing sodium perborate.

In 2014, the formic acid business was sold to Taminco.

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