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eMeringue was The Motley Fool's 1999 April Fool's joke, a classic Internet-wide joke in which the Fool touted a (fictitious) hot new IPO of an Internet-based meringue delivery business, causing many of its site visitors -- and some confused Wall Street brokers -- to believe it had IPO'd that day.

Expanded Story

The premise was that for the first time, the Fool had decided to play the role of an investment banker and help another company go public. Motley Fool members on April 1, 1999 were invited to get first-day IPO shares of E-Meringue.com (ticker: HAFD), debuting that morning.

The Boise, Idaho-based business had converted from auto parts into becoming the world's premiere Internet meringue delivery site. ("Not the pie... not the crust... just the meringue, delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. in seven days or less"... one wonders what a 7-day-old meringue would look like....) CEO Larry McCloskey and his firm's dodgy history were not dodgy enough to keep thousands of people e-mailing the Fool all day long asking how they could buy some shares and why their broker couldn't find the (fictitious) Halifax Canadian Exchange or the ticker symbol HAFD.

Perhaps the lure of the company's famous Eggulator was just too great?

Fool co-founder David Gardner noted recently that The Motley Fool continues to own the URL www.emeringue.com (where the joke remains live). He was quoted as saying, in case anyone wants to buy the domain, "You'll have to pry it from our cold dead intangible assets!"