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Dupont (NYSE: DD) manufactures a range of products for distribution and sale to many different markets, including the transportation, safety and protection, motor vehicle, home furnishings, medical, electronics, communications and the nutrition and health markets.

Website: http://www.dupont.com

Company Description

Dupont engages in biotechnology in seed modification, sales and distribution. They are considered a leading competitor to Monsanto in this product line.

In 2011, Dupont completed the acquisition of Danisco, a manufacturer of enzymes that may allow production of cellulosic ethanol or other chemicals from bio sources.

In 2012, Dupont announced the sale of its automotive coatings business to Carlisle. This sale significantly reduces Dupont's position as a supplier to the transportation market. The former business, now called Axalta, IPOed in 2014.

In 2013, Dupont announced plans to divest the last of its chemical businesses including Teflon, Freon refrigerants, and industry leading titanium dioxide. The spinoff company is to be called Chemours, a play on the de Nemours part of Dupont's official name. It will trade on the NYSE under the ticker CC. Chemours products include titanium dioxide pigments, fluoroproducts, as well as sodium cyanide, sulfuric acid, aniline and related chemicals.

This will complete the transition to a biotechnology company selling seeds and related agricultural products and chemical made by biological processes from renewable sources. In 2014, Dupont announced the sale of its Neoprene chloroprene rubber business to Denka Performance Elastomer, a jv of Denki Kagaku Kogyo and Mitsui. Dupont also announced the sale of its Asana synthetic pyrethrin insecticide business to Sumitomo.

Dupont increasingly emphasizes Agriculture as a major business line. For those who supply seeds in the ag sector, corn is king. Wall Street Journal on Feb 26, 2014, gave 2013 market share as Dupont, 35%; Monsanto, 35; AgReliant, 6; Syngenta, 6; Dow, 4; others 14%.

For 2004, Dupont, 33%; Monsanto, 14; Garst, 6; Syngenta, 5; Golden Harvest, 4; Dow, 4; AgReliant, 3; + others.

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