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Corning (NYSE: GLW) operates as a technology company developing various communications products and numerous high tech ceramics products including fiber optic cables and Gorilla Glass used in tablet computer touch screens..

Company Description

Corning is a traditional innovator in the field of ceramics. The company invented Pyrex Glass, fiberglass, Corning Ware, and all varieties of silicone oil and rubber. It is a JV partner with Owens Illinois in Owens Corning, with Dow Chemical, in Dow Corning, and via Dow Corning in Hemlock, the largest US producer of polysilicon.

In 2014, Hemlock announced plans to write off its $1.6B investment in a new polysilicon plant in Clarksville, TN. This resulted in a $500MM writeoff to both Dow Chemical and Corning. The plant is the victim of low cost polysilicon imported from China.

In 2015, Dow Chemical announced plans to buy out Corning's interest in Dow-Corning.

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