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Company Description

Clariant should not to be confused with Clarient, [1]

Clariant is a specialty chemical company headquartered in Switzerland. It was formed from the chemical assets of Sandoz and later Hoechst when they decided to redirect their resources to become pharmaceutical companies, eventually Sanofi-Aventis. Its major business areas are Care Chemicals, Catalysts and Energy, Plastics and Coatings, and Natural Resources.

Care Chemicals includes surfactants and a number of related additives used in formulated consumer and industrial products like detergents and shampoos.

Catalysts are used for petrochemical processes such as the dehydrogenation of propane to propylene.

Plastics and Coatings includes a master batches business that supplies concentrates and "color beads" to facilitate the addition of color and additives to plastics and coatings.

Natural Resources includes additives for processing and recovering oil, minerals, food products, etc.


Clariant was formed in 1995 as a spin off from the chemical company Sandoz, which was itself established in Basel in 1886. Through our direct lineage, we have amassed knowledge and experience of chemistry and industry spanning approximately 150 years.

Clariant expanded through the incorporation of the speciality chemicals business of Hoechst (Germany) in 1997, and the acquisitions of BTP plc (UK) in 2000 and Ciba’s Masterbatches division in 2006. In 2008, the leading U.S. colorant suppliers Rite Systems and Ricon Colors were acquired. The latest acquisition, the highly-innovative specialty chemicals company Süd-Chemie (Germany), was completed on 21 April 2011.

In 2013, Clariant announced the sale of its textile chemicals unit to SK Capital Partners, its detergents and intermediates business to International Chemical Investors Group, and its leather services business to Stahl. The textile chemicals business took the name Archroma.

In 2015, Clariant agreed to use ADMs bio-propylene glycol in its aircraft deicers.

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