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Charly travers

Charly Travers (TMFBreakerCharly) is an Associate Advisor at The Motley Fool. He is currently working with Tom Gardner and David Meier on the Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio service.


Like many Fools Charly took a meandering path towards becoming a professional investor. He had an interest in stocks from a young age, checking market quotes in the newspaper over morning breakfast in between reading the comics and sports page. Charly thought he could satisfy his intellectual curiosity as a research scientist, studying neuroscience and Alzheimer's disease as an undergrad at Illinois Wesleyan University and cancer biology in graduate school at St. Louis University.

It was the high profile race to sequence the human genome, and the accompanying euphoria surrounding biotech stocks, that moved Charly to leave the research lab and make the transition to stock analyst, getting his start following biotech companies. Charly feels that this sector was a great training ground for a burgeoning investor because he learned a lot about risk, patience due to long development timelines, value creation and destruction, and thinking in terms of probabilities because you can never be sure what will happen.

Investment Philosophy

Charly thinks he's a little bit Bruce Berkowitz and David Gardner shaken up and mixed together. He looks for opportunities of any stripe and is equally comfortable wearing a value or a growth jester cap.


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