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Celanese (NYSE: CE) is an integrated global producer of value-added industrial chemicals; a producer of acetyl products, including acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer and polyacetal products; and a global producer of engineered polymers.

Website: http://www.celanese.com/

Company Description

Celanese was once a free standing US corporation. It was acquired by Hoechst AG of Germany, world's largest chemical company. Hoechst later decided to focus on pharmaceuticals. It spun off its various chemical operations, most notably Celanese and Clariant, and merged with Rhone Poulenc (who spun off its chemical operations as Rhodia) to form Aventis, which later merged with Sanofi to form Sanofi Aventis.

In its former life, Celanese had been a leading producer of cellulosic plastics such as cellulose triacetate. Celanese entered into the petrochemicals business initially to produce the acetic acid needed for that venture. Later they became a major producer of commodity chemicals derived from natural gas.

Celanese continues to be a major player in large volume commodity chemicals. It does not pretend to be a specialty chemical company. That implies a capital intensive, cyclical business.

In 2015, Celanese announced plans to enter the PEEK (polyether ether ketone) business. [1] PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic with potential in automotive, electronics, and high performance parts in the oil and gas industry. The major producer is Victrex of Lancashire, England, UK, which was formed in 1993 when management bought out the ICI PEEK business.

Celanese TCX Technology

Celanese has technology under development to make higher hydrocarbons such as gasoline from synthesis gas. The synthesis gas can be made from almost any carbon source, especially natural gas or coal. The Germans made synthetic oil from coal in World War II using costly, high pressure Fischer Tropsch technology. Celanese is reportedly using low pressure technology based on Monsanto's acetic acid process. In 2014, Indian Oil announced plans to build a plant in India to make ethanol from gasified petroleum coke via acetic acid using the Celanese TCX technology. Celanese has a development plant running the TCX process to make fuel grade or industrial grade ethanol from natural gas at Clear Lake, TX.

Celanese claims TCX is significantly less costly than corn based or sugar based ethanol. http://www.petrochemconclave.com/presentation/2014/Mr.PBroussard.pdf


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