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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings (Nasdaq: BWLD) primarily serves chicken wings with various barbecue sauces and alcoholic drinks. This quick service restaurant with a somewhat unique concept was founded 1982 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn.

Company Description

While many quick service restaurants (QSRs or "fast food") serve hamburgers, sandwiches, or some form of Mexican food, Buffalo Wild Wings, a.k.a. "B-wild" serves chicken wings and beer. Its niche is people wanting something different served quickly, as well as appealing to sports buffs (each location has a sports area with multiple televisions tuned to various sports games). Football, beer, and wings just seem to go together.

Being a retailer and restaurant, it is somewhat at the whims of discretionary spending by customers, as well as being subject to raising commodity prices. Corn is a feed source for chickens, and both oil and fertilizer are inputs into that equation.


The restaurant company was an investment of Kenneth Dahlberg, founder of Miracle-Ear. In 1983, he appointed Sally Smith as CFO of that company, with Mary Twinem as controller. In 1994, Dahlberg asked Smith to try to fix things at a privately-owned restaurant and bar with a good concept, but disastrous accounting. Smith stepped in as CFO and two years later jumped to CEO, while Twinem took over as CFO. And the business has flourished ever since.

The first location was near the campus of Ohio State University. The company now has over 500 locations in 38 states and recently completed acquisition of it franchise stores in Las Vegas.

It became public in Nov. 2003.


  • CEO and President -- Sally Smith, since 1996
  • CFO -- Mary Twinem, since 1996
  • Senior VP, Operation -- Judith Shoulack, since 2004
  • Chairman -- James Damian
  • Past chairman and Director -- Kenneth Dahlberg

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