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Bruker BioSciences

Bruker BioSciences (Nasdaq: BRKR) designs, manufactures, services and markets analytical and life science systems and associated products to address the needs of its customers in life science research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and molecular diagnostics research.

Company Description

Bruker specializes in X-ray, magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry, optical emission spectroscopy and infrared and Raman molecular spectroscopy instruments. The company also manufactures and distributes a broad range of field analytical systems for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear, or CBRN, detection as well as superconducting wire products and devices. Major technical and manufacturing centers are in Europe, North America and Japan and with sales offices located throughout the world.

In 2014, Bruker announced plans to discontinue sale of stand alone gas chromatography systems and GC single quadrupole mass spectroscopy systems. They also announced plans to sell their inductively coupled plasma/mass spectroscopy business. Most had been part of Varian, but were sold when Agilent acquired Varian to satisfy antitrust requirements.

The gas chromatography business was sold to Techcomp of Hong Kong which then created Scion Instruments of Freemont, CA.

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