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Baidu.com (Nasdaq: BIDU) is a Chinese language Internet search provider. It was founded in 2000 and is based in Beijing, PRC

Company Description

Often called the "Google" of China, in fact it has done better than Google on its home turf, commanding (as of August 2008) 74% of China's Web traffic and 61% of search engine marketing spending. Google draws only 26%.

From the time it debuted in 2006, it has traded at a rich premium. For a while that seemed all right, but the market meltdown of the fall of 2008 and the Chinese market fall of most of 2008 has brought this high flier back down, at least temporarily.

As with Google, it generates revenue primarily through serving advertisements to Internet users accessing its services. As of August 2008, it had more than 180,000 advertising customers.

However, growth has probably not halted. More than 250 million of China's 1-plus billion are online, much lower than the United States' 70%-plus penetration rate for online usage.


Besides Internet search, it provides specialized search for MP3 files, images, queries, and both national and international news. It also allows the user to search personal computer files without opening a browser, and even anti-virus protection.

It has begun to enter the Japanese market, offering Japanese-language search, as well as offering image, video, and blog searching.

Finally, it provides online marketing services. Companies of various sizes and industries, including e-commerce, information technology services, consumer products, manufacturing, health care, entertainment, education, financial services, and real estate use these services.


  • CEO, Founder, and Chairman: Robin Yanhong Li
  • CFO: Jennifer Li
  • COO: Peng Ye

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