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Auto insurance

Auto insurance insures the vehicles in your household. The policy usually provides both medical and liability coverage.

Expanded Definition

Most states require a minimum amount of insurance to license a vehicle. That minimum usually relates to medical and liability coverage.

Collision coverage repairs your car in an accident regardless of fault. Comprehensive pays for damage by hail or a variety of indicental hazards (such as an auto deer collision). These coverages are optional, but most have them on newer vehicles. Older cars often have little value and may not be worth the cost of the extra coverage.

Many carry uninsured motorist insurance. Road hazard/towing insurance is often available at minimal cost. Options will provide a rental car while your car is being repaired.

A variety of discounts are offered. Multiple vehicles, multiple policies, safe driver, drivers' education, good student, and theft prevention are common. Insurance rates vary with the area where you live, the mileage you drive, if driven to work or for pleasure, and increase if you have a young driver.

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