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ARKEMA SA ADR (OTC: ARKAY) Arkema is a chemical company headquartered in France.

Website: http://www.arkema.com

Company Description

Arkema was created in October 2004, following the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Subsequent acquisitions include certain acrylic assets from Dow Chemical, and Total’s specialty resins business (Cray Valley, Cook Composites and Sartomer). Recent acquisitions include castor oil and sebasic acid for Nylon 10. Vinyl products were divested under the name Kem One to Klesch Group in 2012.

Product lines include--

High Performance Materials: Specialty polyamides, fluoropolymers, molecular sieves, organic peroxides, and adsorption filtration

Industrial Specialties: Thiochemicals, fluorochemicals, Altuglas polymethyl methacrylate (Plexiglas), hydrogen peroxide

Coatings Solutions: Acrylic monomers, resins for coatings (water borne, solvent borne, and powder coatings), Sartomer photocure resins, Coatex rheology modifiers

In 2014, Arkema announced plans to acquire Bostik from Total. Bostik is reportedly the world's third largest maker of adhesives after Henkel and HB Fuller.

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