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Air Liquide

AIR LIQUIDE or L'Air Liquide SA is an air separation company headquartered in Paris, France.

Website: http://www.airliquide.com/

Company Description

Air Liquide was founded in 1902 based on the air liquification technology invented by Georges Claude and Paul Delorme. Products include oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and rare gases sold for medical uses as well as steel and food processing. It was the original supplier of liquid air and has operations in 80 countries. In the US, plants are located in Houston, TX and Newark, DE.

The company will build the world's largest air separation plant for Sasol in South Africa. It will built the world's largest hydrogen plant for Saudi Arabia. It will build a network of hydrogen filling stations with Toyota in the northeastern US.

In 2015, Air Liquide (19% market share) announced plans to acquire Airgas (3% market share) making it close to Linde (21% global market share) as the largest air separation company.

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