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Active TMF staffers

This page intends to list all active existing online staffers of The Motley Fool, both employees in Alexandria or the UK, as well as our strollers, hosts, contractors, article writers, etc. etc. -- anyone whose screen name includes "TMF" (which lets you know they are a staffer).

Expanded Definition

There are hundreds of TMFers in the Fool universe.... To help clarify, here are several of the roles that merit a "TMF" handle:

Full-Time Employees
These include all in-house advisors, analysts, editors, and general Motley Fool staff

TMF Community Team
Focused on facilitating both the asking and answering of questions, promoting cooperation and respectful communication, and sharing their knowledge and insights on investing and our universe of stocks.

This includes our team of full-time freelance writers for Fool.com -- people like TMFCop or TMFBreakerRick

The Never-Completely-Comprehensive Alphabetical List of Active TMF Staffers

For each of these we include the TMF name, their non-Fool name (otherwise known in traditional circles as their "real name"), a short job title (we're not really big on job titles at The Fool but this short line is intended to clue you in on the TMFer's main focus). Once we have member pages (in development now), we'll also have a really handy link right to that Fool's member page.


  • TMFAdmiral (Philip Durell) is an ex-Brit who delights in working as the advisor for Inside Value
  • TMFAllyzay (Allyson Cohen) edits content for Million Dollar Portfolio, Motley Fool Pro, and Ready-Made Millionaire.
  • TMFBeachBum (Dave Mock) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFBent (Seth Jayson) is co-advisor of Motley Fool Hidden Gems
  • TMFBigFrog (Chuck Saletta): is an Inside Value stroller, as well as a site commentary writer.
  • TMFBiologyFool (Brian Orelli, PhD) is a Fool.com contributor focusing on medicine, biotechnology, and pharma-related companies.
  • TMFBreakerCharly (Charly Travers: Associate Advisor for Million Dollar Portfolio) is part of the team that assembles a portfolio of the Fool's best stocks.
  • TMFBreakerDave (David Gardner: Chief Rule Breaker -- Motley Fool Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, etc.)
  • TMFBreakerJava (David Roytenberg: Rule Breakers Stroller) is part of the crew helping at RB, an ISRG permabull, biotech maniac, dabbler in short put options, professional software developer and coffee addict.
  • TMFBreakerRick (Rick Munarriz) is a member of the Rule Breakers team and a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFBreakerRob (Rob Zienert: Rule Breakers Stroller) is part of the crew helping at RB when not wandering scores of other Fool boards looking for good investing ideas.
  • TMFBreakerTAllan, (Really known as T. Allan Regas) is one of the homies at the RB Newsletter, is often optimistic in growth stocks, preferring to buy calls than to sell puts.
  • TMFBroadway (Amanda Kish: Champion Funds Advisor) loves mutual funds, puppies, and rainbows.
  • TMFCaccamise (Bryan White: Analyst) works on the Stock Advisor Team and predicts the Tenn-Chattanooga Mocs will be this year's NCAA hoops Cinderella story.
  • TMFCanuck (Jim Gillies) Motley Fool Options Advisor; Hidden Gems Senior Analyst, message board raconteur, options wonk, cash flow stylist, amateur chef, and cycling fiend.
  • TMFCharris (Chris Harris: CAPS Business Owner, Happy Hour Commando) In CAPS and On the Boards
  • TMFCop (Rich Duprey) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFCrow (Nick Crow) Analyst, Motley Fool Options
  • TMFDitty (Rich Smith) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFDonauschwaben (Adam J. Wiederman: Analyst) works on the Champion Funds team, as well as with marketing.
  • TMFEldrehad (Russell Carpenter: Analyst) works on Pro, has an active CAPS blog, and is a complete CAPS addict.
  • TMFEnochRoot (Alex Scherer, CFA) associate advisor at Stock Advisor, is bound and determined to (though not entirely confident it's possible to) help Tom G. wallop David Gardner's investment performance.
  • TMFEZMagic (Brian D. Pacampara) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMF Fischer (Jeff Fischer). Advisor, Motley Fool Pro
  • TMFFrankatFool (Frank Chang: Community Analyst Team) works as an Actuary during the day, plays jazz at night, and comments on TMF's insurance stocks at later night.
  • TMFGebinr (Jim Mueller: Research analyst) is part of the Stock Advisor team, answering questions on the boards, writing and editing content, and looking for that next superstar stock.
  • TMFGoogly (Bruce Jackson: Writer & Analyst) writes for fool.co.uk and is an Analyst on the Motley Fool Pro service. Co-founder and ex-MD of Fool UK, is now enjoying following the markets from the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • TMFGreedandFear (Ron Gross): is lead advisor for Million Dollar Portfolio.
  • TMFHeckYeah (Daniel Stapleton: User Experience Designer) strives to make our websites simpler, gentler and more usable through the use of various forms of sorcery and plenty of sugar-induced free-sketching.
  • TMFHermanator (Kate Herman: Editor) puts her wordsmithery to work on Income Investor and Motley Fool Options.
  • TMFHousel (Morgan Housel) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFHumbleServant (David Meier) is Associate Advisor for Million Dollar Portfolio.
  • TMFinept (Dan Goldberg) is an Inside Value stroller when at the Fool and a software tester, parrot fan, cyclist and fast food addict when not.
  • TMFJamesEarly (James Early) is Advisor for Income Investor and can do the splits.
  • TMFJeb (Jeb Bishop: VP Creative Services) leads the teams focused on User Experience Design and Front End Web Development.
  • TMFJester (Ryan Angell: Champion Funds & Ready Made Millionaire stroller) lives in Tokyo, Japan and is known to have too many hobbies (man is photography an expensive one!)
  • TMFJMo (Jason Moser: Analyst) works on the Stock Advisor Team and was a PGA golf professional in a former life.
  • TMFJoeInvestor (Joe Magyer) is the lead advisor of Motley Fool Inside Value, a contributor to Fool.com, and was once named Customer of the Month at his favorite sandwich shop.
  • TMFKipper (Jill Ralph: Publisher) is part of the team that brings you such premium services as Stock Advisor, Motley Fool Pro, Million Dollar Portfolio, etc.
  • TMFKnightly (Mark Brooks: Executive Publisher) works with the Fools that publish, proofread, polish and perfect all of our great Premium Services. He does his best to stay out of the way of his amazing team.
  • TMFKopp (Matt Koppenheffer) is a Fool.com contributor.
  • TMFLomax (Alyce Lomax) is a writer/analyst for Fool.com.
  • TMFMattyA (Matthew Argersinger: Analyst) works on the Stock Advisor team and dreams of one day being promoted to "Senior" Analyst
  • TMFMileHigh (Tim Beyers: Writer and Rule Breakers team member) covering tech mostly and airlines occasionally.
  • TMFMoby (Jeremy Phillips: Fool.com GM) works with the team that built this very page, and loves writing in the third person. Check out his CAPS profile.
  • TMFMurph ( Ted Murphy: Income Investor Stroller ) is a retired veteran of 25 years of corporate warfare and 10 years as a small business entrepreneur, who is busy practicing the three L's ( Learning, Loving and Laughing ).
  • TMFMuse (Rick Engdahl: Director of Customer Experience) has a Caps profile and plays a mean guitar.
  • TMFNato (Nathan Alderman: Online Editor) is part of the team that helps ensure stylish, grammatically happy content on Fool.com.
  • TMF1000 (Tom Engle) I am a stroller for Hidden Gems, Stock Advisor, and Million Dollar Portfolio. My role is to answer questions about investing and the many stocks I am assigned to study.
  • TMFOpie (Andy Cross) co-advisor at Hidden Gems, associate advisor at Stock Advisor and not related to Ron Howard (although his brother and sister are red heads)
  • TMFRik (Rik Silverman: editor) gets his hands on all the words, sounds, and moving pictures that make up Duke Street, Income Investor, and Rule Breakers
  • TMFSelena (Selena Maranjian) is a longtime Fool contributor.
  • TMFSinchiruna (Christopher Barker) is a Fool.com contributor and prolific CAPS blogger.
  • TMFSpeck (Kurt Morris: Senior User Experience Designer and Assistant Joker) is a long-time Fool now based in Portland, OR where he bikes, gardens, fishes, and grows moss on his north side.
  • TMFTwitty (Richard Dressner: Exec. Director, Community) enjoys fostering and aiding communications and interactions among member Fools; his CAPS score belies his actual investing idiocy.
  • TMFVitaminD (Ursula Dimmling Mead: Publisher) is part of the team that delivers educational, amusing, and enriching content to members of our premium services (Stock Advisor, Hidden Gems, Rule Breakers, etc.).
  • TMFWizard (Chris Hill) is the communications director for The Motley Fool and host of Motley Fool Money, a weekly audio banquet available at www.motleyfoolmoney.com, on iTunes, and on radio stations across America.
  • TMFWysocki (David Wysocki) is a Southern Californian who "toils" as an Income Investor stroller and loves every minute of it.
  • TMFZahrim (Anders Bylund) is a Fool.com contributor.