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A 10-bagger is stock-geek-speak for when a stock returns 10 times its original investment. The term was popularized by Peter Lynch in his book One Up on Wall Street.

Note that 10 times your money is actually 900% (not 1000%, which would be an eleven-bagger).

Fool Lore

The Motley Fool's first-ever 10-bagger is believed to have been its purchase of AOL back in 1994. (The stock grew to more than a 100-bagger for its original online portfolio made famous in its books.)

The Motley Fool's first-ever 10-bagger for its modern-day premium services was Marvel on June 3, 2008. Recommended in July 2002, Marvel hit a 10-bagger at the height (or depth!) of a bear market.

Two weeks to the day later, Activision Blizzard became The Motley Fool premium services' second-ever 10-bagger, on June 17, 2008.

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